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Sweetening Your Vocals with EQ

Sweetening Your Vocals with EQ

Trey moves from dialing in the rest of the band to dialing in vocals. This includes Sarah’s voice and the BGVs. Trey uses a mix of hardware and console EQ for the best sound. He explores EQ settings, gain adjustments, and high-pass filters. He emphasizes the importance of ear-based adjustments over visual cues. These adjustments enhance vocal clarity and presence. In addition, the approach to background vocals shows the tailored EQ treatment based on their role in the mix. Key Points: Trey uses the Manley VoxBox on Sarah’s vocal for its coloration and saturation. It enhances the texture and warmth of her voice. Trey makes EQ adjustments to Sarah's vocal, using a simple but effective setup. It has a low peak, mid-dip, and high peak. He pairs this with the console's channel strip EQ. It gives him precise control and tonal shaping. High-pass filtering is crucial. It is needed for both the insert effect and the channel strip. It manages low-end feedback and keeps vocal clarity. Background singers get individual EQ attention. This highlights their harmony parts without hurting their overall contribution to the mix. Trey emphasizes the need to keep the frequencies that support their vocal parts. The process shows the importance of listening over visual EQ’ing. Trey encourages reliance on sound to make informed adjustments.

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