Managing the Chaos of Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving has passed, and now it’s time to get your team ready for Christmas. In fact, the first Sunday of Advent has already come and gone. Hard to believe! For some, this season is an execution of careful planning. For others, it’s a white-knuckled-hold-on-for-dear-life  trip that won’t end… Read More

Building Leaders: 3 Things to Remember

Building Leaders: 3 Things To Remember When Raising Others Up  One of my passions is raising up young leaders, helping them to find not only their vocational gifts but their God-given gifts in ministry as well. I’ve had the honor to help bring up many young leaders in and… Read More

Check 1, 2…Is This Thing On?

Sound check is a familiar time for most of us. A room that was once eerily quiet has now been filled with the sounds of people chatting and gear being set-up, instrument tuning and off-line rehearsing. Now, it’s finally time to “make noise.” Isn’t it amazing what happens once the… Read More

Leading Through Change

Like many others, I’ve dealt with my fair share of change. From entering the world as a navy brat, to spending my grade school and teenage years as part of a family dependent on the oilfield. Relocating, attending new schools, starting all over again in different cities…these changes were… Read More

Production: Impossible

My wife and I are huge fans of the television show Restaurant: Impossible. Each week, muscle-bound chef Robert Irvine visits a different failing restaurant across the country. With a limited budget and less than two days to work, he and his construction and design team completely… Read More


When I started working in the entertainment business it wasn’t long before I was getting all kinds of crazy opportunities to travel, see the world, and learn to develop production skills from some of the best people on the planet. All that time I never gave a second… Read More