The MxU Podcast

  • #028 – Lee, Your Mix Sucks! Guest Ricki Cook.

    Grace, Jeff, and Lee recap MxU Anaheim 2020 where Lee shares some invaluable feedback he received. Guest Ricki Cook from Hillsong Church shares some fantastic insights we can all use. And then a closing with one of the wildest #TurnDownForMxU entries yet
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  • #027 – Our new Co-Host Grace Royse

    Announcing our new 3rd host, Grace Royse! This episode the trio dive DEEP into some leadership topics. Grace's extensive production management background has given her loads of experience that help guide this episode as she puts Jeff and Lee in the hot
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  • #026 – 222 Noise Complaints. Guest Cory Edwards.

    Special guest Cory Edwards chats with Lee and Jeff about audio, lighting, and production management. With stories from Cory's most recent tour with Elevation, Hillsong, and Casting Crowns, the guys nerd out over some audio tricks and answer some listener
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