Daniel Connell

video Lighting Protocols

Lighting Protocols

There are several kinds of lighting protocols. While DMX is the most common kind, it is not the only one! Daniel, Tyler, and Brian from DC PRO discuss all of the common lighting protocols out today, and their benefits and drawbacks.

video Lighting Networking

Lighting Networking

With the modern ability to connect lighting rigs via network cable, lighting designers now have much more flexibility and options for their rigs. Unlike the days of running hundreds of feet of DMX cable, we can now run one CAT5 cable for the same amount of lights. Daniel and the DC Pro crew talk through the basic idea behind lighting networks, and discuss different cabling and different nodes that you can use to help increase your capacity in your network.

video DMX Testers

DMX Testers

Cable testers in general are extremely useful for keeping your cables of any kind in good working order. Testing your DMX Cables before installing them can save you from a big headache down the road. Daniel and Tyler talk through testing DMX cables, and also touch on using RDM to test fixtures at the same time.

video Light Meters and Color Meters

Light Meters and Color Meters

Light and Color meters are an extremely useful tool for lighting designers. They help you to ensure that all of your fixtures are matching up in the color space you’re working with, and they can help you match your lighting for Imag for video.

video Lighting Staples vs. Gimmicks

Lighting Staples vs. Gimmicks

With so many fixtures available in today’s market, it can be difficult to determine if every fixture is a “Staple” or a “Gimmick” in a lighting setup. Daniel and the DC Pro team talk through some of their "Staples" in a lighting rig, and a few “Gimmicks” to avoid depending on your scenario. They also discuss where to spend your ministry dollars on light fixtures in general.

video Do We Need Chain Motors?

Do We Need Chain Motors?

A lot of churches today are moving to chain motors to raise and lower their lighting and truss rigs. Daniel and the DC Pro team talk through what a chain motor is, why they’re useful, and also talk about if your church needs them or not.