Daniel Connell

video Rigging with Truss, Pipe, and UniStrut

Rigging with Truss, Pipe, and UniStrut

Rigging of any kind can be very intimidating for most people, which is a good thing! Rigging can be very dangerous, and it’s best to ask an expert before attempting something you’re uncomfortable with. Daniel and the DC Pro team talk through some of the risks involved with rigging, as well as some practical tips for when you’re ready to take that next step in rigging.

video Color Mixing Fixtures

Color Mixing Fixtures

Color mixing fixtures are very common in most churches these days, but the technology inside of them varies greatly depending on price and age! The DC Pro team talk through differences in modern color mixing lights in general, and talk about what to spend your money on and why.

video How to Pick the Right Fixture

How to Pick the Right Fixture

How do I pick the right light fixture for my church’s space? Daniel and the DC Pro team give some pointers and some basic guidelines for choosing a fixture for your space.

video Why Use Haze?

Why Use Haze?

Why do we use haze? Is It to look cool, or is there a greater purpose? Daniel and the DC Pro team discuss their thoughts on why we use haze.

video Essential Lighting Tools

Essential Lighting Tools

Production team members who serve with lighting need several tools to accomplish routine maintenance and installs. Daniel and the DC Pro crew go over their favorite tools, and some essentials for any church to have and use.

video Oil Cracked Hazers

Oil Cracked Hazers

Hazers are the foundation to lighting, and without haze it can prove to be difficult to light a room well. Daniel and the DC Pro team talk through general hazer practices, as well as specific details and practices to get the most out of Oil Cracked Hazers.