Jeff Sandstrom

video Channel Naming on the DM7

Channel Naming on the DM7

Jeff and Russ dive into the process of building a show file on the DM7, ideally suited for audio engineers and technicians involved in church services, concerts, or live events. Organizing and labeling inputs is crucial for effective navigation and control during live performances.

video Yamaha DM7 Course Overview

Yamaha DM7 Course Overview

Join Jeff Sandstrom from MxU and Russ Long from Yamaha to explore the Yamaha DM7 digital mixing console. Whether you’re mixing live sound, broadcast, or another environment, this course combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands on teaching.

video Setting Encoders to High Pass Filters on the DM7

Setting Encoders to High Pass Filters on the DM7

Apply high-pass filters to inputs while building a show file on the Yamaha DM7. Jeff and Russ provide a details guide on efficiently setting high-pass filters for various channels in a live setup, highlighting the console’s features and workflow efficiency.

video User Defined Keys on the DM7

User Defined Keys on the DM7

User-defined keys (UDK’s) on the Yamaha DM7 allow for customizable setup and utilization of the console. Learn how to assign these keys for various functions, enhancing your workflow efficiency and control during live services.

video Mixing Vocals on the DM7

Mixing Vocals on the DM7

Jeff and Russ demonstrate different vocal mixing techniques on the Yamaha DM7, focusing on mixing background and lead vocals for a band. Learn how to blend individual vocal tonalities into a harmonious group sound and how to process them using the console’s features.

video Custom Fader Bank on the DM7

Custom Fader Bank on the DM7

Explore the customization of fader layouts on the Yamaha DM7, a crucial feature for adapting the console to various individual workflows and preferences. Use personalized fader banks for optimized control during live mixing.