Jeff Sandstrom


#142 – David Scorteccia, Sonnect

Jeff and Jay chat with David from Sonnect, maker of the Sound Bullet. This cable tester is a must-have tool for every live audio engineer, and after hearing from David, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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#141 – Brad Weston, Renewed Vision

Jeff sits down with Brad Weston, President and CEO of Renewed Vision, to chat about the company’s history and how their products have changed the game of all of us involved in church production. We know you’ll love hearing from Brad as he shares Renewed Vision’s heart for helping church teams get better through technology.

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#140 – DiGiCo

First, you’ll get a deep dive into a brand new feature on the MxU platform that will transform how you manage your team. Then Jeff sits down at NAB with a few leaders from DiGiCo to discuss their consoles, and what makes them unique. You’ll hear from James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix, Austin Freshwater, Managing Director of DiGiCo, and Ryan Shelton, DiGiCo’s National Sales Manager. Enjoy!

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video Eliminate Feedback

Eliminate Feedback

Live microphones plus speakers can equal feedback. This video will show how to use the Waves X-FDBK plugin to eliminate pesky feedback.

video Tuning Vocals with Plugins

Tuning Vocals with Plugins

Vocal tuning for Live applications is a useful tool to help us get our mixes and performances closer to that of recorded music. Vocalists are generally more pleased with their performances when we apply tuning, and it can help a tired vocalist at 8am hit those high notes! Jeff shows us how to use the Waves Tune Real-Time plugin, and best practices for a natural vocal.

video Automixing with Plugins

Automixing with Plugins

Mixing a panel of speakers can be difficult because of feedback, mic bleed, and other issues. Automixing plugins give us an amazing tool that makes this easier than it's ever been. Jeff shows us how to use the Duggan Automixer from Waves in this video.