Jeremy Bagwell

video Inputs and Outputs on Video Switchers

Inputs and Outputs on Video Switchers

Join Rusty and Jeremy as they dive deep into what inputs and outputs of a video switcher are. Learn about what internal sources and physical external inputs are. What does it mean to have various MEs reinserted internal and on my program bus map? What are the outputs of a switcher and what’s important to think about when we setup the outputs of the switcher?

video What are Auxes on Video Switchers?

What are Auxes on Video Switchers?

What are Auxes? How do I use them? Why do I need to use them? Learn the answers to all of these questions in this video!

video Inputs vs Bus Map

Inputs vs Bus Map

What is the difference between inputs and sources on my switcher panel? Rusty and Jeremy talk about why it’s important to understand the difference between switcher inputs and the bus map. How can I change the bus map to suit how I want to operate the switcher?

video Introduction to Keyers

Introduction to Keyers

What are keyers on a video switcher? Rusty and Jeremy explain how to use keyers to layer video sources and create the final video output.

video Multiviewer Layout and Tally

Multiviewer Layout and Tally

What is a Multi-view in a switcher, and why should we have one? How do I select a layout for my multi-viewer? What is tally and why should I have it on when directing? Understanding these key concepts will not only help you be a better director, but will also help you communicate more clearly during your services! Learn the answer to all of these question in this video.

video Keyers Quick Tip

Keyers Quick Tip

Join Jeremy and Rusty as they explore how to transition both a keyer and background at the same time. This quick tip is useful for things like bugs, lower 3rds or other things you might want to transition at the same time.