Kristian Ponsford

video Pad Player in Playback

Pad Player in Playback

PadPlayer, a feature of Playback from, is incredibly versatile. PadPlayer can integrate with cloud-based soundtracks. It allows for seamless transitions and key changes. PadPlayer is ideal for moments of improvisation or structured worship sets. Learn how to manipulate ambient pads for different sonic textures. In addition, learn how to use PadPlayer with song section pre-roll.

video Church Streaming License From

Church Streaming License From

Church Streaming License from is convenient way for your worship team to report what songs they’ve played each year. If Reporting is a headache for your team, we encourage you to checkout Church Streaming License.

video Live Reorder & Midi Mapping In Playback

Live Reorder & Midi Mapping In Playback

Often in tracks, it’s difficult to change song flow on the fly due to being “on the grid”. This tends to lead to frustration, as worship leaders can’t be as flexible as they’d like. Playback has come up with a way to mitigate this and make it easy for the user to change the song flow on the fly.

video Playback Sync

Playback Sync

Playback sync is a feature from that ensures that your band is always on the same page as the rest of your team. This is done with Playback, and Chartbuilder from

video Midi Cues W/Playback

Midi Cues W/Playback

Playback allows for a ton of flexibility with midi cues! Implementing Midi within Playback will allow us to automate a lot of aspects of our production on a Sunday morning.

video Transitions In Playback

Transitions In Playback

Playback is extremely flexible when it comes to transitions. There are 6 different transition options that you can set independently per song. Kristian walks us through a detailed explanation of each option.