Kristian Ponsford

video Connecting Playback With ProPresenter

Connecting Playback With ProPresenter

Connecting Playback with ProPresenter can be simple! Kristian walks through each step in this video.

video Getting Started With Tracks

Getting Started With Tracks

Getting started with tracks can be a daunting task, especially when we consider how much goes into making tracks happen. Kristian talks through some practical ways to start implementing tracks and shows some examples within Playback as well.

video How to Be Spontaneous With Tracks

How to Be Spontaneous With Tracks

One of the biggest drawbacks to running tracks for most people is the lack of flexibility. Often it can be hard to be spontaneous, and in the moment like we can be without tracks. MultiTracks set out to fix this with their increased flexibility within Playback. Kristian walks through how he would run tracks spontaneously, and gives an example as well.

video Settings In Playback

Settings In Playback

Getting to know the settings menu inside of Playback is essential to making Playback work for you. Kristian walks through the ins and outs, and shows what can be done within the settings menu.

video SMPTE Timecode In Playback

SMPTE Timecode In Playback

SMPTE Timecode is a clean and surefire way to control your lighting console from Playback. You can also use SMPTE to do a number of other things within your productions. Kristian walks through how to setup SMPTE within Playback.

video Audio Routing In Playback

Audio Routing In Playback

Before we can start using Playback for our services, we first need to ensure we have our audio routed properly! Playback supports up to 32 individual outputs through an audio interface, so the possibilities are endless!