Live Video Switching

video Record Macros on Ross Carbonite

Record Macros on Ross Carbonite

Learn how to use your own custom controls, referred to as macros, on the Ross Carbonite. Jeremy Bagwell explains how to understand and efficiently utilize the macro functionality on the Ross Carbonite. This applies whether you're a beginner or an experienced user.

video Ross Carbonite Output Naming

Ross Carbonite Output Naming

The Carbonite Ultra introduced the highly anticipated output naming feature. It was introduced on the 7.1 Carbonite Ultra update. Users can now customize output names in the system. This enhances efficiency and clarity when managing and monitoring outputs in different production environments.

video Recover Your Switcher after a Power Failure

Recover Your Switcher after a Power Failure

The Ross Carbonite switcher can return to its desired state directly after a power failure or reboot. Jeremy Bagwell walks through the process of saving the current state of your switcher. This makes it quick to restore in case of power interruptions or system reboots.

video Ross TouchDrive Overview

Ross TouchDrive Overview

Jeremy Bagwell takes a deep dive into the TouchDrive panel, from Ross video. The goal is to familiarize yourself with its features and capabilities.

video Change Your Source Layout on the Touchdrive

Change Your Source Layout on the Touchdrive

Jeremy Bagwell, from Ross, delves into the intricacies of customizing bus maps on switcher panels, specifically focusing on the use of a touchdrive panel connected to a Carbonite switcher.

video Planned vs. On-The-Fly Directing

Planned vs. On-The-Fly Directing

Hear from Rusty Anderson as he shares his experience on effectively video directing in worship, focusing on the balance between pre-planned shots and real-time decision making.