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Come Prepared for Rehearsal

Come Prepared for Rehearsal

Rehearsal processes look different for every church. The general idea, however, is that a rehearsal is not your time to practice. Preparation cannot be stressed enough to make rehearsals efficient and meaningful. Practice and learning parts should be done alone, whereas rehearsal is the time for your team to come together, forming a cohesive service. Rehearsal isn’t Your Time to Practice Rehearsals are the time where your team should fine-tune and sync their efforts. It should be expected that team members arrive with their roles and their parts dialed in and well-practiced. Your team should arrive ready to work together on the ‘final-presentation.’ Rehearsals focus on time as a team for coordinating a cohesive service. Prepare personally before rehearsals, and come equipped with well-maintained equipment. Preparation and Resourcing Good rehearsals need thorough preparation, but they also need the right resources provided to your team prior to the rehearsal occurring. This means that you need to make sure everyone has what they need before Sunday morning. These materials include song arrangements, technical cues etc… and when you do this you will see that this minimizes questions and uncertainties to let you focus on refinement during rehearsals. Ensure that all team members are well-resources and inform them ahead of time. Minimize the need for questions and practice during rehearsals with a well-equipped team. Blocking and Scheduling for Efficiency Adding blocking and a schedule to rehearsals can greatly improve their efficiency. Honor each other’s time and focus on what needs to be done, rather than downtime. Use blocking to focus on specific parts of the event at one time. Schedules help your rehearsal be efficient to respect volunteers’ time. Create an Atmosphere of Worship and Preparation The goal of rehearsals is to foster an environment of true worship, echoing what would typically be seen during service. This requires preparation and effective execution. Your rehearsal should feel like the real event, with a worshipful atmosphere before the service starts. Rehearsals should copy the intensity and feel of the real service. Foster an environment where worship starts before the service.

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