New Feature
March 11, 2022

Our Next Big Thing: Assignments

You can now create and send Assignments in MxU! šŸ„³ With this new feature, you can really put the MxU library to work. Send any combination of videos and playlists to people on your teamā€”they'll getĀ notified andĀ (gently)Ā remindedĀ until they're done, and you'll getĀ more-precise-than-ever statsĀ as they're completing what you sent.
A draft assignment in the MxU interface
New Feature
February 16, 2022

New User Role: Team Lead

I'm happy to announce that we've just shipped the most-requested feature by Team Owners: a brand new user role called Team Lead. You can promote anyone on your team to be a Team Lead, and they'll be able toĀ do basically everything you can, like creating custom playlists and managing users.
Team interface displaying a user toggle
February 11, 2022

More Speed Improvements

We’ve put more work into performance, and as a result, the home page will now load about 30% faster. We’re always working to make using MxU quicker and easier!

February 3, 2022

Notifications Inbox

We've added a central place for you to keep track of what's happening in MxU with the Notifications Inbox.
The notifications inbox
January 31, 2022

Custom Playlist Ordering

Custom playlists are now ordered by name on the Playlists page. If displaying them in a specific order is important to you, this should provide a good workaround.

The playlists page
For The Nerds
January 14, 2022

General Speed Improvements

This one's for our fellow nerds. We've upgraded our web framework and the language we use to write MxU, now running Rails 7 and Ruby 3 in production.