August 3, 2022

The New Explore Page

The brand new Explore page is the easiest way to see everything the huge content library has to offer, with powerful filtering never before available in MxU — including filtering by difficulty!
MxU Explore Page
August 1, 2022

A Brand-New Search Experience

This major upgrade delivers smarter search-as-you-type results, keyboard navigation, and the powerful filters from the new Explore page built right in.
Preview of search in MxU for M32
June 26, 2022

Update to Assignment Notifications

In-app notifications when you receive a new Assignment can now be cleared from your Inbox just like any other notification. Instead of always keeping your Inbox "unread", incomplete Assignments are now indicated in other places in the app.
Arrows pointing to assignment notification badges
June 26, 2022

Redesigned Mobile Nav

We've updated the navigation on smaller screens (phones) so it takes up less space while showing you more options.
Preview of new mobile nav in MxU