Church Production

Healthy teams take time and require proactive leadership every step of the way. Executing weekend experiences while reducing burnout and volunteer turnover isn’t simple.
What are standard operating procedures and how do they apply to the church world?

What Are Standard Operating Procedures for Church Teams?

Let's Talk Standard Operating Procedures for Church Teams If you’re a member or leader of a church production team, worship team, kids ministry, the cafe, or really wherever… it’s important to have standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place. SOPs help to ensure that your team is working smoothly and efficiently.…


#120 – Lauren Charboneau

Lee, Jay, and Jeff chat with Lauren Charboneau, Senior Project Manager for 46 Entertainment and Creative Producer for Dude Perfect.
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Managing the Chaos of Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving has passed, and now it’s time to get your team ready for Christmas. In fact, the first Sunday of Advent has already come and gone. Hard to believe! For some, this season is an execution of careful planning. For others, it’s a white-knuckled-hold-on-for-dear-life  trip that won’t end ‘til…

Building Leaders: 3 Things to Remember

Building Leaders: 3 Things To Remember When Raising Others Up  One of my passions is raising up young leaders, helping them to find not only their vocational gifts but their God-given gifts in ministry as well. I’ve had the honor to help bring up many young leaders in and out…