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video Keep Your Speakers Healthy

Keep Your Speakers Healthy

Maintaining the health of your loudspeakers is incredibly important. d&b makes it easy with their R1 software. Learn how to use R1’s system check and array verification features to ensure all components of your system are connected and functioning correctly.

video How to Go Online with R1

How to Go Online with R1

There are common concerns when it comes to going online with systems in R1. Zach Brady addresses those concerns and clarifies what actually happens when users go online with their systems.

video What is R1?

What is R1?

Learn to leverage R1 for effective system control and management, with practical knowledge and tips for both beginners and experienced users.

video What Happens When You Save an R1 File?

What Happens When You Save an R1 File?

R1 is d&b’s software for sound system control. Zach Brady walks through the saving process in R1, and clarifies common misconceptions about saving R1 files, emphasizing the distinction between saving workspace views, system settings, and using snapshots for precise control of system parameters.

video Using ISO Bar Plots to Better Understand Your Loudspeakers

Using ISO Bar Plots to Better Understand Your Loudspeakers

Understand the crucial aspects of designing a sound system with a primary focus on achieving intelligibility - ensuring that sound is clear, high-quality, and understandable in every seat of a venue. Learn from the team at d&b to gain insight on techniques for optimizing sound dispersion and control.

video Achieving Greater Low End Impact with Arraycalc

Achieving Greater Low End Impact with Arraycalc

Explore the technical process of time-aligning subs with the main PA for an improved audio experience.