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video Sound Systems Overview

Sound Systems Overview

Sound systems have evolved dramatically over the years. With the vast amount of technology we have in our PA systems today, let’s take a look back at where we came from, and the work it took to get us to where we are now.

video Cardioid Loudspeakers

Cardioid Loudspeakers

You may have heard of polar patterns within microphones… did you know that those same polar patterns also apply to loudspeakers? Understanding how different polar patterns affect the sound of a loudspeaker can help clean up bleed and stage volume drastically!

video Portable PA Deployment

Portable PA Deployment

Portable Point and Shoot PA Systems can be a good and practical PA system for your mobile church. Jeff and Lee talk with the d&b crew about what their example portable church needs, and how you might not always need the biggest and loudest system out there.

video Loudspeaker Components

Loudspeaker Components

Loudspeakers at their core are a type of transducer, but instead of capturing sound, loudspeakers emit sound. Learn how loudspeakers work, and what they’re made up of in this video.

video Types of Loudspeakers

Types of Loudspeakers

Whether you’re new to live sound or a seasoned veteran, this video will help to explain common types of loudspeakers. Discover some of their best use scenarios and how to differentiate them from each other.

video Connections and Cable Types for PA Systems

Connections and Cable Types for PA Systems

Cabling is when you take what may typically be multiple cables and in essence, package them in a single “cabling”. There is a myriad of different types of cables in just audio alone. Cables have different purposes and it’s important to know why. Understanding speaker cabling can allow you to keep your gear running well and can cut down on the number of cable runs that are needed from your amps or consoles to your speakers.