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video Point and Shoot Speaker Coverage

Point and Shoot Speaker Coverage

Point and Shoot PA systems are in every church around the world. They’re a great tool for mobile setups, but being sure that they’re working as efficiently as possible means you should know how the speaker works and its coverage!

video Choosing the Right PA

Choosing the Right PA

Not every room needs the largest line array available, while some larger rooms would greatly benefit from a massive line array, smaller rooms tend to only need a point source sytem. Lee and Jeff talk with Marcus from Skylark and the d&b crew about some practical ways to determine what kind of sound system might be best for your space.

video Line Arrays

Line Arrays

Everybody loves Line Arrays, but most people do not actually know how they work or when the best time to use them is! Using a Line Array for a room that just doesn’t need it can be more difficult and sound worse than just using a simple Point-Source system. This video will help you learn how and when to use a Line Array PA system.

video Crossovers


Understanding how Crossovers work is crucial to ensuring your PA is performing properly. Having your Crossover frequencies in the wrong areas can be detrimental to the sound of your PA. You could even damage you PA using a Crossover in the wrong area. Learn how to make sure you’re using Crossovers right in this video.

video Mono VS Stereo

Mono VS Stereo

What is the difference between Mono and Stereo? Though this is in essence a simple subject, it can become rather complicated very quickly. Lee and Jeff walk us through some applications for real world uses of Mono vs. Stereo, and how to better understand when to use mono PA systems or Stereo PA systems.

video DSP


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a vital tool in modern audio. Not only is DSP used in live sound, but it’s most commonly used in things like your phone, computer, tv, and car stereo. The list goes on! Anything that has digital processing for audio uses DSP. DSP in PA systems can do a multitude of tasks, everything from crossovers to setting specific EQ curves for your PA. Learn the basics of DSP for PA systems in this video.