Dillan Howell

video Retaining Volunteers

Retaining Volunteers

Dillan and Jeff explore the essential elements of fostering a vibrant volunteer culture within your church. The critical aspect that most churches are missing is retention. Their discussion delves into the importance of showing genuine appreciation and care for volunteers. They also discuss establishing a foundation for long-term engagement and involvement in your church.

video Training Volunteers

Training Volunteers

Dillan & Jeff discuss effective strategies for training volunteers. Their discussion sheds light on the challenges of maintaining skills, while also caring for your team. They also take a look at practical solutions for team cohesion, especially with volunteers who serve infrequently.

video Volunteer Development Course Overview

Volunteer Development Course Overview

Dillan Howell and Jeff Sandstrom talk through equipping you as a church leader, whether staff or volunteer, with the necessary knowledge to cultivate a thriving volunteer culture in your church community. Explore the essential elements of volunteer development which include recruiting, training, and retaining your volunteer teams. Dillan and Jeff offer practical strategies, personal insights, and actionable steps to enhance the volunteer experience at your church.

video Recruiting Volunteers

Recruiting Volunteers

There’s typically three main parts to any volunteer’s journey. Those three parts are the recruiting, the training, and the retaining. Dillan and Jeff dive into effective volunteer recruitment and offer a fresh perspective on building a vibrant volunteer team.

video Understanding the Why

Understanding the Why

Understanding and communicating the ‘why’ in leadership is essential. Especially within church environments. Delve into the significance of knowing the purpose behind every action. This applies to weekend services, special events, and more. Understanding the purpose should permeate through every level of the team.

video Setting & Communicating Vision

Setting & Communicating Vision

There is a critical distinction between vision and mission in church. Understand the importance of knowing and effectively communicating these concepts. This discussion focuses on the challenges leaders face when missions change or shift. Maintaining alignment with the overarching vision is vital for successful leadership. This is especially true in tech and worship environments.