Dillan Howell

video What Is Leadership?

What Is Leadership?

This discussion is centered around the idea of leadership in general, understanding what it really is. True leadership extends beyond mere authority and titles. Leadership extends to the realm of influence. The conventional notion of leadership is a hierarchy or a path to a higher title. True leadership focuses on the impact and influence that a leader has on those around them.

video Tackling Burnout

Tackling Burnout

This candid and impactful conversation addresses the critical issue of burnout. Jeff Sandstrom and Dillan Howell offer practical tips and personal insights. Learn how to recognize, manage, and prevent burnout. Jeff and Dillan emphasize the importance of self-care, effective communication, and establishing healthy routines. This discussion is also about rediscovering passion and purpose for yourself and your role.

video Prepared Leadership Course Overview

Prepared Leadership Course Overview

Jeff Sandstrom and Dillan Howell dive into what it looks like for you to develop a prepared leadership style. They focus on the many aspects of effective leadership and explore the essential skills needed for you to lead in a spiritually enriching and impactful manner. This includes having the ability to balance tasks with people, and to nurture a healthy team culture. This course is tailored to address the unique challenges you face as a church leader, and to help you communicate the ‘why’ behind what we do.

video Self-Aware Leadership

Self-Aware Leadership

Jeff Sandstrom and Dillan Howell explore the profound journey of self-leadership. It is a pivotal role in personal and professional development. Self-auditing is incredibly important for continuous improvement of leadership skills. Learn the significance of understanding one’s influence and presence in various aspects of life. This applies to professional settings as well as personal relationships.

video Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Jeff Sandstrom and Dillan Howell focus on people management in leadership, highlighting the importance of human connections and relationships in leading a team. Leadership styles and preferences can be diverse, not everyone aspires to be in a leading position over others. There is a common misconception in church culture that declining leadership roles equates to lacking ambition. Leaders should actively engage in building relationships and influencing their team members, rather than just seeking a leadership position.

video Task Management

Task Management

Jeff Sandstrom and Dillan Howell focus on task management and the delegation of responsibilities. This emphasizes the importance of moving away from a self-centered approach to leadership. In this approach, the leader should leverage the strength of team members. Effective delegation and task management can lead to personal growth for team members. It also makes for a more efficient, collaborative working environment.