video Effects on the SQ7

Effects on the SQ7

Dive deep into the powerful world of effects processing on the SQ7, providing you with the knowledge and skills to elevate your mix.

video Drum Processing With Onboard Effects

Drum Processing With Onboard Effects

Getting impactful drums with onboard processing is entirely possible! Phil Bledsoe talks through his process to using what’s available on your console, and how to push the boundaries of what you have in terms of effects. Wether you have an older desk, or the latest and greatest, these ideas will apply to any console you’re using.

video SSL Fusion Overview

SSL Fusion Overview

The SSL Fusion is an all analog outboard processor that can color your mix in a multitude of ways. Jeff walks through the layout and feature set of the unit, and describes a few ways you could use the device.

video Thicken Vocals with a Doubler

Thicken Vocals with a Doubler

Studio mixes frequently feature doubled vocals. Using this technique can help thicken the vocals and make them more prevalent in our mixes. Lee shows us how we can do this in a live scenario with the Waves ADT Plugin.

video Checking Phase with Plugins

Checking Phase with Plugins

Multiple microphones from single sources can cause phase issues as those sources interact with each other. The Waves InPhase plugin can help us identify if multiple mic’d sources are in phase or not. Lee shows how in this video.

video Using Multiple Reverbs on Vocals

Using Multiple Reverbs on Vocals

Layering different reverbs to create your own reverb or having multiple reverbs on standby can be a great tool for adding some depth to our vocals. Lee shows us his approach to this with the Waves HReverb plugin.