Digital Audio

video Metering a Mix With Plugins

Metering a Mix With Plugins

With most churches broadcasting, metering our loudness is more important than ever. Waves makes this easy with their WLM plugin. Jeff walks us through general guidelines for loudness, and how the WLM plugin works!

video Advanced Signal Flow

Advanced Signal Flow

It’s important to equip yourself as an audio engineer with all of the options you have for signal flow before you begin recording or running a live service. This will help you with making decisions on when and where to apply processing or when not to apply any at all.

video Bit Depth

Bit Depth

Bit Depth is crucial to understand with anything involving digital audio. If you use a digital console, it’s even more important. Jeff and Charlie explain Bit Depth and the various kinds in this video.

video Choosing Your Bit Depth and Sample Rate

Choosing Your Bit Depth and Sample Rate

One of the benefits of Digital Audio is that we have so many options to choose from with our bit depth and sample rate. It’s good to know why you would want to use one option over the other. Jeff and Charlie discuss their preferences and why genre and gear limitations matter!

video Sample Rates Explained

Sample Rates Explained

Understanding Sample Rates is crucial to Digital Audio. Samples are the foundation of digital audio, and the rate at which we gather these samples directly reflects the quality of the sound we hear, regardless if you’re in a live scenario or recording.

video Floating Point Processing

Floating Point Processing

Does your audio console operate in “Floating Point Processing”? If it does, you might be asking yourself if you even need to use it. Charlie and Jeff explain the advantages and pitfalls of Floating Point. If used right, this feature could possibly save your recording!