video Snare Drum with Andrew Stone

Snare Drum with Andrew Stone

Crafting your snare drum sound can be a sophisticated process. Andrew Stone showcases his approach, which encompasses a detailed exploration using EQ, compression, and gating to achieve a distinctive snare sound. He uses effects to make the snare stand out in a mix. Andrew teaches how to manipulate the character of your snare drum through precise processing techniques.

video Drum Reverb with Jeff Sandstrom

Drum Reverb with Jeff Sandstrom

Jeff Sandstrom explores the art and science of crafting the perfect reverb for drums. Focus on blending different reverb types to enhance your drum mix, in a creative process. Experiment with various settings to achieve the ideal balance and texture you desire.

video Drum Blending with Lee Fields

Drum Blending with Lee Fields

Focus on achieving a balanced and dynamic sounding drum kit with Lee Fields. Discover methods for setting individual drum levels, and integrate them into a cohesive mix. Learn how to make critical adjustments to enhance the overall sound of the kit. This includes using DCAs and verb settings.

video Toms with Jeff Sandstrom

Toms with Jeff Sandstrom

Dive into refining tom sounds in your mix with Jeff Sandstrom. The goal is to achieve a rich, organic, and resonant tone. Jeff walks through his process of EQ’ing toms. He emphasizes the importance of removing boxiness. He also emphasizes enhancing both the high and low ends to achieve a hi-fi sound. These techniques add depth and texture to the toms, crafting a vibrant, balanced drum sound.

video Overheads with Jeff Sandstrom

Overheads with Jeff Sandstrom

Explore the sophisticated approach to mixing overheads in a drum kit, with Jeff Sandstrom. He walks through capturing the entire kit, not just cymbals. This method requires precise microphone placement. It also involves a series of audio processing techniques that are aimed at achieving a balanced, room-like sound. Strategic EQ, compression, and de-essing can sculpt a rich and enveloping drum sound to complement the rest of the band in a live environment.

video Snare Drum with Lee Fields

Snare Drum with Lee Fields

Lee Fields gives a detailed approach to achieving a distinct snare drum sound. The focus is on using a combination of EQ, dynamic EQ, compression, and specialized effects to sculpt the snare sound. This technique emphasizes creating a blend that enhances the snare’s snap and attack.