video Overheads with Lee Fields

Overheads with Lee Fields

Walk through how Lee Fields explores his setup for overhead mic’ing and mixing. The focus is on capturing the essence of cymbals. Maintaining the clarity of the overall drum sound is key. Learn how to optimize your EQ settings for a balanced sound.

video Snare Drum with Jeff Sandstrom

Snare Drum with Jeff Sandstrom

Achieving the perfect snare drum sound can be a complex process. It is a crucial element in a drum kit’s sound. Jeff walks through the use of dual microphones, extensive processing, and creative use of reverb. This is to sculpt a proper snare sound that is both biting and full-bodied. This approach balances technical precision with some artistic flair.

video Drum Bussing with Lee Fields

Drum Bussing with Lee Fields

Lee Fields walks through his approach to processing a drum kit as a whole in a live setting. The focus is on using a drum bus to apply cohesive processing to the entire kit, including EQ and compression. This method aims to treat the drum kit as one instrument. It enhances the overall sound and ensures that the elements of the kit work together harmoniously.

video Drum Reverb with Lee Fields

Drum Reverb with Lee Fields

Delve into using effects on drums, specifically focusing on reverb. Lee Fields explains his process for integrating two distinct types of reverbs into a drum mix; a gated reverb and a standard drum reverb. He emphasizes the importance of treating the gated reverb as an extension of the snare drum, almost like an additional instrument.

video Find the Range on Tom Gates

Find the Range on Tom Gates

Eliminate the unexpected openings of the tom gate.

video One vs. Two Kick Mics

One vs. Two Kick Mics

Discover the pros and cons of using two kick drum microphones.