video Hi-Hat with Lee Fields

Hi-Hat with Lee Fields

Explore the often-overlooked importance of hi-hat mic’ing and mixing with Lee Fields. This helps achieve a clear, vibrant drum sound. Lee challenges the common perception of the hi-hat, showing that it is not just a background element. Proper EQ and isolation can bring out its unique character.

video Toms with Lee Fields

Toms with Lee Fields

Explore Lee Field’s approach to mic’ing and mixing toms in a drum kit. Focus on the unique challenges and techniques used to bring out the best sounding tom drum. There is a clear distinction between coated and clear heads. This distinction affects EQ, gating, and reverb application. The goal is to achieve a bright, clear tom sound. It should blend seamlessly with the rest of the kit.

video Kick Drum with Jeff Sandstrom

Kick Drum with Jeff Sandstrom

Explore the art of achieving diverse drum sounds with Jeff Sandstrom. Focus on the kick drum, and the subtleties of mic placement and audio processing. These techniques create distinctly different drum sounds. Using different mics and approaches can significantly alter the sound of a kit.

video Mixing Drums with Jeff Sandstrom

Mixing Drums with Jeff Sandstrom

Explore the process of integrating a well-mixed drum kit into the full band mix. The focus is on maintaining the drums’ prominence. It’s important to ensure they work harmoniously with other instruments. Jeff Sandstrom discusses techniques to enhance the drum’s presence and energy in the overall mix. He covers adjusting individual drum levels, as well as using parallel compression, referred to as the “smash group.”

video Hi-Hat with Jeff Sandstrom

Hi-Hat with Jeff Sandstrom

Focus on mixing the hi-hat in a live drum kit, a component often overlooked. Delve into the specific challenges for managing the hi-hat sound. Highlight the importance of EQ adjustments and filtering. They help achieve clarity and presence without overpowering the mix.

video Overheads with Lee Fields

Overheads with Lee Fields

Walk through how Lee Fields explores his setup for overhead mic’ing and mixing. The focus is on capturing the essence of cymbals. Maintaining the clarity of the overall drum sound is key. Learn how to optimize your EQ settings for a balanced sound.