video Tuning Vocals with Plugins

Tuning Vocals with Plugins

Vocal tuning for Live applications is a useful tool to help us get our mixes and performances closer to that of recorded music. Vocalists are generally more pleased with their performances when we apply tuning, and it can help a tired vocalist at 8am hit those high notes! Jeff shows us how to use the Waves Tune Real-Time plugin, and best practices for a natural vocal.

video Thicken Vocals with a Doubler

Thicken Vocals with a Doubler

Studio mixes frequently feature doubled vocals. Using this technique can help thicken the vocals and make them more prevalent in our mixes. Lee shows us how we can do this in a live scenario with the Waves ADT Plugin.

video Automixing with Plugins

Automixing with Plugins

Mixing a panel of speakers can be difficult because of feedback, mic bleed, and other issues. Automixing plugins give us an amazing tool that makes this easier than it's ever been. Jeff shows us how to use the Duggan Automixer from Waves in this video.

video Using Dynamic EQ on Vocals

Using Dynamic EQ on Vocals

Once we have our vocal sounding good, we can often run into problems as our vocalists sing different songs as their intensity may be different song to song. Often we may hear a harshness in a certain frequency that we wouldn't in another song. Dynamic Eq is the perfect tool to remedy this, and Lee shows how to do it with the Waves F6 plugin.

video Podcast Post Processing

Podcast Post Processing

Jeff talks through the post-processing workflow for a podcast, and how he goes about editing the MxU podcast.

video Fighting Stage Bleed in Vocal Mics

Fighting Stage Bleed in Vocal Mics

Live stages are noisy and full of microphones. Guitar and drum bleed into vocal mics can be very hard to manage. We’ll use Waves PSE to help fight some of the stage bleed in our inputs.